What Happens in Vegas - Part 1

Filming at the Liberace Mansion

                                                                                            Waiting to be let in to the Liberace Mansion

                                                                                            Waiting to be let in to the Liberace Mansion

Friday, June 30th.  "Under the Vegas Sun" is a 30-minute TV interview show produced in Las Vegas that highlights the careers of past and present Vegas entertainers.  Bo Ayars & Jillian Snow Harris & I were honored to be on two of those episodes.  Thanks to TV host, Steve Schorr, these episodes were filmed inside the Liberace Mansion.  For the record, the Liberace Mansion is a privately owned home.  Martyn Ravenhill bought this house a number of years ago and spent a great deal of money to restore it to it's original Liberace-beauty.  It is not normally ON-THE-TOUR!  Because of that, I wanted to share some pretty fabulous photos that we were allowed to take inside. My sincere gratitude to Steve Schorr and Martyn Ravenhill for giving us a day we will never forget!

Both episodes are up at David Saffert Piano Facebook.

What Happens in Vegas - Part 2

Michael Jackson house & The Liberace Foundation

+ Photos from the Liberace Collection




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