Resonance Ensemble's "Dirty, Stupid Music" on All Classical Portland

Vakare Petroliunaite, Beth Madsen Bradford,   David Saffert, Stacey Murdock, & Erik Hundtoft

Vakare Petroliunaite, Beth Madsen Bradford, David Saffert, Stacey Murdock, & Erik Hundtoft

Resonance Ensemble's "Dirty, Stupid Music" cast had the honor of performing on All Classical Portland's live radio broadcast of "Thursdays @ Three."  Robert McBride was on fire as host and Stacey Murdock, Beth Madsen Bradford, Erik Hundtoft, and Vakare Petroliunaite sang for a very enthusiastic studio audience!  David Saffert played piano and gave the audience a little taste of his Liberace wardrobe.




Host Robert McBride & David Saffert - live broadcast on All Classical Portland Radio